The Export Credit Insurance Corporation of South Africa covers risks associated with investments and loan finance for capital goods and services projects abroad

The Export Credit Insurance Corporation of South Africa Soc Ltd (ECIC) is an official export credit agency of the SA government. ECIC is a wholly state-owned corporation operating under the auspices of the Department of Trade and Industry.

The corporation was established in 2001 with a mandate to facilitate and encourage SA export trade by underwriting bank loans and investments outside SA. This enables SA contractors to win capital goods and services contracts in regions outside the country’s borders.

The ECIC provides export credit and foreign investment insurance cover to commercial banks and development finance institutions, which includes political and commercial risk insurance cover.


The ECIC Insurance has a range of products, and these include:

Buyer credit cover
This product is targeted at financial institutions domiciled in SA that have negotiated a financial agreement with a foreign buyer who is promoting a particular project where the proceeds of the loan may be paid directly to the exporter/buyer during the delivery period. The foreign buyer commits to repay the loan according to the agreed credit terms. The structure may also include sovereign finance deals.

Investment insurance (commercial loans cover)
The ECIC provides cover against political risks to financial institutions that provide commercial loans to foreign enterprises and governments for projects or other business ventures that would enable private investments in emerging market economies. 

This particular cover, where an investment is financed, could be associated with a new project as well as the expansion or restructuring of existing ones. These include acquisitions involving the privatisation of state-owned enterprises.

Supplier credit cover
Exporters domiciled in SA, providing credit to foreign buyers they are negotiating and transacting with, would benefit from this type of cover. ECIC provides up to 100% political risk insurance cover and 85% commercial risk insurance cover to the exporter.

The ECIC provides up to 100% political risk insurance cover and 85% commercial risk insurance cover

Exporter’s cover
This form of cover is aimed at exporters who might be exposed to loss from the date of contract signature and the commencement of delivery.

The manufacturing risk cover relates to the loss that may be sustained by the insured due to incidences involving holistic or partial cancellation of a contract before the insured has fulfilled their contractual obligations.

Small and medium transactions
This product is targeted at small and medium transactions with a contract value of no more than $20 million. The ECIC will provide up to 100% political risk insurance cover and 85% commercial risk insurance cover. 


Performance bonds insurance
The Performance Bond Insurance Scheme, in partnership with SA financial institutions, aims to help small and medium enterprises that are faced with financing capacity hindrances, to help them participate in capital goods and service export projects.

Boat builders
This is a special product focused on supporting SA’s boat builders to increase their exporting capabilities by offering insurance for pre-export finance and working capital. The pre-export facilities include advance payment guarantees and working capital insurance provided by the financial institutions to boat builders.

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