Dedicated to enhancing the capacity of black businesses to perform better, Munaca Holdings is positively contributing to the growth of the South African economy

Munaca Holdings comprises a variety of subsidiaries that specialise in a wide range of areas, including technology, infrastructure development, resources, investments, logistics, energy, lobbying, research and development (including capacity building) and advocacy services.

As one of the leading entities in these fields, Munaca Holdings strives to better itself and its surrounding community, both locally and globally, through all of its endeavours. In the pursuit of these goals, Munaca has partnered with various reputable institutions.

When it come to infrastructure development, Munaca specialises in the installation, upgrade and cabling of elevators and escalators, and lift modernisation (restoring lifts to a fully functional state). The company has a competitive edge in that it offers clients quick installation at a considerably lower cost.

Munaca boasts a record turn-around time of three months, including assembly, installation and the implementation of enhanced quality and safety features. An example of this would be an ambitious project which saw Munaca successfully install 16 lifts in Gauteng’s Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital.


Construction is another of its infrastructure focus areas. Through its subsidiary, Jodan Construction (which has Level 8 CE CIDB accreditation), Munaca undertakes a range of civil engineering projects such as road construction, maintenance and rehabilitation, and property development.

Through practical engagement, Munaca has acquired a mine of knowledge and experience, positioning the company on the cutting edge of the construction industry.

In terms of property development, Munaca offers cabling and air-conditioning services. Munaca Technologies provides turnkey solutions for the design, installation and maintenance of cabling networks for reliable connectivity and the consistent transmission of digital data.

Munaca Holdings owns a 60% share in the ACS Group, a trusted supplier of air-conditioning services and fire detector technologies to an ever- growing number of blue chip companies, including Protea Hotels.

Munaca has helped introduce ACS to the public sector market and it now has an order book in excess of R180 million, which Munaca is financing.

The company also trades in the mineral resources sector through its subsidiary, Munaca Resources. This is done through the stocking of coal, iron ore, chrome, manganese and other commodities from its various suppliers, and sources off-take agreements for both local and international markets.

What sets Munaca Resources apart is, firstly, the in-depth and practical understanding of sourcing, beneficiating and moving commodities gained from years of involvement in the resource industry. Secondly, Munaca’s ability to optimise resources and operate at much lower overheads compared to those of other industry players, prompts results which are more favourable and set Munaca apart as a competitive force to be reckoned with.


In keeping with the worldwide quest for environmental preservation, Munaca’s Renewable Energy subsidiary helps fulfil the growing demand for energy efficiency and renewable energy production in SA. To this end, Munaca has adopted the following objectives: to empower the country in its goal of being energy-independent via renewable energy; to aid in the conversion of energy waste (including electricity and heat); and to decrease the carbon footprint and environmental impact of cities and industries whilst contributing to the development thereof.

Munaca has adopted a cleaner environmental approach in the manner through which it supplies fleet fuel. In fact, the Munaca Energy subsidiary is a licensed petroleum products wholesale supplier to the logistics industry. These services range from filling trucks at depots to partnering with fuel distributors and retailers in the delivery of bulk diesel clients depots.

Munaca Logistics is involved in many areas, including exporting magnetite for Phalaborwa Mining Company to Maputo, ensuring that the Ba-Phalaborwa community receives a sustainable income from their local development objectives, and connecting the mineral-rich Northern Cape with the ports of Durban and Richards Bay. Munaca has, furthermore, secured a rail account with access to a number of strategic sidings through rail networks.

Considering the crucial role that black-owned business entities continue to play in the generation, growth and sustainability of the local economy, Munaca has undertaken to invest in their expansion and development.

Subsidiary Munaca Investments assists with transactional facilitation and the offering of financial investment options. It also provides value-adding services such as research and development. Thus, Munaca provides capacitation services to businesses that have been awarded contracts by both the public and private sectors.

It’s a model that works on the strength and the value of the awarded contract. Companies that require such investments must have the capacity to implement the contract to fruition, ensure risk management and subject themselves to further capacity enhancements as assessed by Munaca.

The Munaca Investments subsidiary primarily considers companies with an enterprise value of upwards of R100 million for mergers or acquisitions (dividend generators). The company assists in building sustainable businesses, funding new technologies and expanding working capital through acquisitions and strengthening balance sheets. This is done with the benefit of insightful investment, strategic participation and trusted, long-term partnerships.

Munaca is not a fund and does not facilitate start-up companies. Munaca Investments is dedicated to sustained economic growth both domestically and throughout the African continent.

While not a subsidiary of Munaca per se, law firm Kunene, Ramapala and Botha (KRB) plays an integral part in Munaca Holdings’ business ventures. In addition to the legal services it provides the company, one of its partners, Walter Ramapala, is Munaca’s equity director.


Munaca enjoys a well-earned reputation and high-capacity levels, consistently delivering to highly satisfied clients, due in part to successful partnerships with these and other industry players:

Energy8 SA
Munaca Renewable Energy is the result of a joint venture between The Innovation Hub and a Geneva-based cleantech company in 2012.

The lucrative partnership with Energy8 (a Swiss-based company, specialising in the development and implementation of renewable energy production products) aims to supply the African market with renewable-energy solutions to efficient energy management.

The innovation hub
The Innovation Hub played a tremendous role in brokering the partnership above. For over a decade, it has supported the growth of innovative companies across various sectors.

These include green technologies which provide value-adding services that support the long-term growth of technology-rich business enterprises, such as Munaca Renewable Energy, to increase the wealth of the knowledge-intensive community.

Izodom 2000 Polska
As further evidence of Munaca’s commitment to environmental development, sustainability and overall growth and expansion into various markets locally and abroad, a lucrative partnership has been recently established with Izodom 2000 Polska.

Established in 1991, Izodom is a Polish company which develops construction technology that is durable, energy-efficient, eco-friendly and easy-to-use. Through this partnership, innovative minds combine to establish advanced alternative building technologies. Furthermore, Munaca has signed an agency agreement for the SADEC region.

To draw on the subject of leadership and what it means to be a leader, the quintessential qualities for a good leader are, firstly, to understand those you are leading. Different personalities and group dynamics require leadership flexibility. Secondly, leading by example is crucial. One should be able to do what they expect others to.

Munaca Holdings boasts a highly capable staff complement with considerable expertise and experience. The company relies on certain individuals to ensure that its business ventures are executed with professionalism and alacrity.

Walter Ramapala, executive chairman
Ramapala is responsible for contract negotiations across all business units. He holds many years of experience in running a successful legal firm and managing other businesses that led to the founding of Munaca Holdings. His probing and insightful questions have given the team the guidance and ability to arrive at a solid business model.

Mashudu Maphangula, managing director
Maphangula is equipped with many years of valuable financial and operational management experience gained from a diverse range of industries. Her role as MD of Munaca Holdings includes assisting in managing KRB Inc and advisory services. Her experience and networks within the various industries have helped secure Munaca’s partnerships with significant players.

Abel Baloyi, chief operations officer
Baloyi has considerable years of experience in the banking industry which afforded him exposure to many areas of the industry, the most important of which is delivering superior customer service. He also ensures that all aspects of the business are interrogated before deciding on the financial model to guarantee the company’s business value.

Gugulethu Mmoledi, head of business development
Having been involved in setting up a logistics business before joining Munaca, Mmoledi’s expertise has proven greatly invaluable. For instance, she has been involved in securing a logistics contract with a blue chip client which ranges from the community involvement model to the health and safety plan.

Munaca Logistics relies on her investment banking and human resources experience to address the company’s short-term goals as well as the sustainability of its business model.

Paulo Samuel, head of logistics
Samuel’s extensive hands-on exposure was attained both locally and internationally from various industries, with emphasis on logistics management, supply chain management, transport, procurement and operations management. His expertise in these fields assists Munaca in ensuring that quality logistics services are rendered and processes are executed meticulously.

Charl Spies, executive consultant
Beginning his career in corporate banking, Spies has extensive experience in relationship-management, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, trade finance and credit management. His construction, logistic and corporate finance background assists in making sure that Munaca’s Logistics, Investments and Energy subsidiaries operate efficiently.


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