BCX innovates digital solutions customised to meet the expectations of its varied clients’ customers

At BCX, the company takes pride in being a leading SA end-to-end digital partner for corporates and enterprises across the African continent. As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Telkom Group, it was established through the strategic alliance of one of SA’s ICT experts and a renowned provider of telecoms infrastructure, merging to create the number one digital partner of choice for clients within chosen markets.

BCX drives business results by helping clients place their customers at the heart of their organisations. Enabled by its technological capabilities such as converged communications, cloud services, industry solutions, cybersecurity and digital edge, BCX innovates solutions to deliver exceptional value through better experiences along the value chain.

To do this, the company combines local market understanding and deep industry expertise with some of the world’s most advanced ICT, together with a tireless commitment to make the client’s unique digital journey as seamless as possible. In BCX’s endeavour to maintain its position as a digital market leader in the financial services, mining, retail, healthcare and public sectors, the company continues to leverage and invest in ecosystems for scale, access and innovation.

Headquartered in Centurion, Pretoria, BCX permanently employs about 7 500 people, with an ongoing commitment to attracting and building talent. Operating where its clients operate, its global footprint spans SA, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, the UAE, UK and Zambia.

BCX is committed to providing ICT solutions that optimise operational costs, increase overall productivity and empower enterprises to use technology as a competitive advantage. BCX is not just another service provider but a strategic partner, walking with clients on their digital transformation journey.

BCX’s cloud-computing technology is backed by best-of-breed security solutions

BCX leads with unrivalled ICT solutions embedded in the foundation of unmatched data-centre and network infrastructure. Its services include world-class solutions in ICT consulting and digital transformation journeys; a complete range of managed solutions that include LAN and WAN; unified communications and next-generation connectivity solutions. In addition, BCX provides cloud-computing technologies underpinned by best-of-breed security solutions and a host of value-added services including enterprise mobility services and analytics software, internet of things (IoT) and big data solutions.

The BCX solution range covers a host of business and operational needs across SA’s major industries and sectors, each with the power to reduce costs, increase profits and improve productivity. Strategic vendor relationships with leading multinationals enable BCX to deliver best-in-class solutions.
Cloud computing
Its agile cloud services, built to drive digital transformation, expedite the path to business value.
It integrates communication services such as voice, mobile and collaborative messaging for the ultimate converged solution to take a business forward.
Converged connectivity
BCX offers a range of scalable connectivity and network infrastructure options that allow any business to connect and communicate anywhere, anytime.
Clients can integrate, educate and implement security solutions in day-to-day business operations, from devices and equipment to software and services.
IoT and M2M
Businesses can connect all mobile devices to the internet to enable increased mobility.
Big data analytics
BCX clients are able to turn information into knowledge through analysis and insights allowing them to make informed business decisions.
The power of data science, data engineering and visualisation enables businesses to improve decision-making, unlock new revenue streams and enhance business performance.
Its range of wireless products – including managed wide-area VPN solutions, point-to-point, or multi-point connectivity and intelligent branch-level WLAN solutions – can propel a business ahead.
BCX offers end-to-end protection for digital assets, people and business, including threat readiness and prevention, cybersecurity strategy and consulting.
Retail Connect
The company’s new concept for the fuel, retail and healthcare markets creates new digital retail capabilities and unlocks the B2B2C value chain. It manages and tracks the client’s journey and bridges the gap between offline/online.
Digital HR
BCX’s cloud-based HR solutions will transform business-critical HR operations so they deliver more effective and efficient people-critical services.
Digital edge
The company works with clients, partners and start-ups to explore new digital technologies that solve real business problems. Robotic process automation solves operational efficiency, rapid application development improves customer service, and embedded integration mitigates risk of system failure.
BCX solutions enable clients’ workforces to connect and collaborate anytime. And because they have the freedom to do more, productivity is increased.

BCX enables workforces to connect and collaborate effortlessly

Its most important customer is the client’s. BCX innovates solutions for how people learn, live and work. In the case of the public sector, the customer is the community. As one of the leading ICT and telecoms infrastructure partners to the public sector in SA, BCX utilises its deep expertise and customised ICT solutions to help government entities improve service delivery for citizens so they can shape better community experiences.

BCX believes ICT should play a critical role in enhancing the business of government. This includes the streamlining, modernisation and automation of business functions and processes to drive efficiencies and increase transparency. BCX has the size, commitment, business and technology expertise to help government improve the lives of citizens, and it can provide a critical stepping stone for progression towards citizen-centric service delivery.

BCX understands that while technology has become vital to government, its true value can only be unlocked if the way it is delivered is transformed. Technology is too important to remain solely the in-house preserve of the IT department. It is moving too fast; its scale is too important; and skills are too scarce.

The solution is to engage with a trusted end-to-end service provider of connectivity, network, data centre and cloud solutions who is committed to SA, and that is able to support all levels and departments within government.

End-to-end solution business for government
BCX appreciates that government departments require end-to-end solutions. It has therefore also adopted a ‘solutions business’ approach to serving the needs of government.
This approach packages products and services to provide integrated and managed solutions that address the specific needs of national, provincial or local government, or the needs of specific government departments.

Supporting government in the use of ICT
BCX is growing and evolving. From a history of being a traditional fixed-line provider, it now offers mobile services, managed networks, data-centre hosting, cloud services and skills for integrating and managing these services in a co-ordinated delivery structure. It has transformed from a traditional telco to a fully-edged ICT services provider. 
Government departments do not need to build their own ICT infrastructure or services. They can source this functionality directly from BCX, which has the skills, knowledge and infrastructure to offer a full set of ICT solutions. By employing BCX’s core capabilities, government is able to focus on its core operations, freeing it to serve citizens better. BCX has scale; is reliable; and it has invested in a state-of-the-art network. The company has the resources and skills to support that investment, and always plans ahead of the curve. BCX is focused on providing government with business solutions customised for its needs.

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