Authenticity and innovation are key to driving the Jezreel Group into the future

SA’s unique tourism offering has been – and continues to be – the catalyst for innovation and entrepreneurship, and Jezreel Group has used it as an opportunity to provide locals and tourists alike with a special travel experience.

‘As time goes by and we grow up and develop into a better version of ourselves, we often go through a lot of experiences that open up channels in our lives that we don’t quite understand, leaving a lot of questions unanswered,’ says Jezreel Group CEO Ntebo Lesetla-Peri.

‘Getting inspired by the environment we surround ourselves with and travelling to other countries, seeing certain things through other people’s eyes… That makes one realise that whatever vision you have can come alive if you believe in yourself enough to make it happen.’

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Lesetla-Peri is a highly motivated media and tourism intellectual who has successfully guided the group into the cutting-edge business world. The group comprises:

  • Jezreel Logistics and Transport
  • Jezreel Media, Production and Marketing
  • Jezreel Leisure and Travel
  • Jezreel Training
  • Jezreel Properties

In a partnership with Premier Class, the Loliwe Tourism and Business Train is one of the group’s most successful initiatives. Inspired by the ‘boardroom on wheels’ concept, this brand combines major events and railway transport to connect people and form strategic professional alliances.

At the core of this 5-star train experience is client comfort, convenience, individuality and communication. This ‘hotel in motion’ provides a truly authentic SA tour – as well as an opportunity for guests to build awareness and loyalty, while exposing them to the many exciting tourism offerings in various places they visit.

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‘This is a seed that will develop into a large and first African female-owned rail travel organisation’

Lesetla-Peri believes that these are fascinating times for the rail industry, and that one can only hope to be a part of this ‘rail evolution’ in Africa. High-speed rail lines are being built across the world and, as a developing economy, it is essential that Africa keep up with this growing trend.

Travellers and tourists are increasingly opting for rail travel due to its comfort and speed, not to mention for environmental reasons. With the ever-increasing traffic in SA, rail travel has become a welcome alternative to road, and is likely to become even more popular in the future.

‘At Jezreel Group – through the Loliwe Train – we intend to be firmly established in rail travel,’ says Lesetla-Peri. ‘The birth of this idea is a seed that will grow in years to come and will develop into a large and first African female-owned rail travel organisation.’ Her passion for rail travel is why she has entered into it wholeheartedly, creating job opportunities for the youth as a result. This bears in mind the ‘most important consideration of goodwill, which is bound up in the name of any successful business – to assume our individual identity and grow the Loliwe brand’.

As a unique offering, the Loliwe Tourism and Business Train affords an exceptional way to travel and provides a unique experience for tourists and business people alike.

The concept aims to stimulate rail transport and practice in tourism and businesses – both in SA and its neighbouring countries. It exposes guests to the beautiful, breathtaking offerings that the country is renowned for – including the natural environment, various cultures and traditions, creativity, wildlife and historical places – while simultaneously promoting client brands and products to potential markets. Ultimately, it creates a sense of African luxury combined with a professional ‘boardroom on the move’.

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Jezreel Luxury Train Travel and Tours’ business and leisure solutions include the following:

  • National major events (including mining and tourism indabas; awards ceremonies; conferences and seminars, the Durban July, J&B Met; jazz, music and arts festivals; exclusive golf tours) and private/corporate events.
  • Conferences and exhibitions.
  • National sporting events.
  • International inbound SA tours.

‘At Jezreel Group, we realise that success depends on our customers’ satisfaction. Our strategic approach is a sincere commitment to innovation and quality,’ says Lesetla-Peri. ‘We undertake everything we do with dedication at a competitive price without compromising quality, tailor-making what the clients want and more.’ Jezreel Group and Loliwe Tourism Train are fast-growing brands, driven by producing big results that go beyond client’s expectations.

Ensuring the company remains steadfast in a competitive market requires an efficient team of motivated, dedicated and highly experienced professionals who know their terrain extremely well and work in harmony towards the same goal.

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‘At jezreel group, Our strategic approach is a commitment to innovation and quality’

Despite demanding deadlines, they consistently and unfailingly ensure an extremely high level of quality.

According to Lesetla-Peri: ‘The only way to get consistency and achieve the results you want is to develop procedures that will give you consistent results.’

Extensive knowledge and comprehensive research have given her the upper hand in fully understanding the market – enabling her to place the clients’ needs first, which is the determining factor to a successful marketing strategy.

After all, the most prosperous campaigns are usually those that are carefully researched, well thought out and focus on details and execution.

Many would consider a lack of resources as a major stumbling block. However, when approached with determination and positivity, it can inspire innovation and creativity. To become a true expert, you first have to make a choice to start from scratch – learning something new and investing in it wholeheartedly. Once the basic concepts, rules and principles of business and investments are learned, the technicalities of the process will become second nature. Jezreel Group is living proof of this.

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