Middel & Partners is helping businesses in Southern Africa’s most complex, yet lucrative, industries reap the benefits on offer in a rapidly changing world

A pioneering client focus has helped Middel & Partners grow into the forward-thinking specialist firm it is today. The company’s goal is to continuously provide clients with a comprehensive and innovative service offering, empower business growth and continue the tradition of providing expert knowledge.

MIddel and partner

Established in 1992, Middel & Partners is a medium-sized firm led by 10 partners, with a staff compliment of more than 150. A network of national offices provides clients with services focused on business improvement and growth within key economic sectors.

Chairman Coenie Middel says: ‘Based on the partners’ and staff’s expertise over the last 15 years, and fuelled by the exciting growth potential of certain key economic sectors, we have geared our focus by adapting our infrastructure, resources, staff, training and research to provide the most comprehensive and best possible service to these sectors.’

This corporate culture resulted in a series of alliances over the last few years with like-minded firms, upping the combined experience to 95 years. Middel says it has brought together a group of specialists with expertise, experience and the forward-thinking approach that clients expect.

‘It is a merger of equals – the firms share the same values, vision and business philosophy. We have been setting the trend, moving the traditional audit firm methodology of trying to do everything to a firm with a focused approach,’ he says.

Middel & Partners focuses its expertise on the following sectors:

Agriculture contributes significantly to the SA economy. The strength of Middel & Partners’ relationship with its agricultural clients is based on a close understanding of this diverse sector and its specific challenges. The firm’s audit, accounting, tax, business consulting and management advisory servicesare customised to the needs of clients.

The African healthcare sector is complex, with a significant disparity between public and private offerings, and is a rapidly changing environment. The firm’s specialist advisors and auditors are geared to help healthcare clients through operational, clinical and governance processes.

Challenges and opportunities require innovative thinking, repositioning and knowledge-based risk management to not only survive the transition, but also identify new opportunities and prosper.

Middel & Partners has 17 years’ experience in this increasingly complex sector. Securing access to high-quality assets requires an ability to work effectively with mining companies, governments, communities and joint-venture partners across Africa, as well as geological, technical, commercial excellence and rigorous strategic planning.

With a close-knit group of experienced mining experts, the firm is able to provide professional services to some of the largest international mining companies. Its primary expertise in mining includes the platinum, gold, manganese, coal, fluorspar, copper and chrome industries.

‘Extending our footprint into the rest of Africa is the next natural step for us’

South Africa’s economic performance and those of other markets directly affect the country’s property market. Middel & Partners has been involved in the property sector for over 24 years. The firm specialises in advisory services relating to property development, property management and corporate finance for projects in Southern Africa. The company familiarises itself with major improvements in the commercial property market and guides and directs clients accordingly.

MIddel and partner2

Public sector
Middel & Partners started working with the public sector in 2003. Since then, it has acquired invaluable knowledge, experience and expertise about government and the challenges it faces.

The firm’s public-sector team specialises in understanding and successfully navigating the distinct requirements of the sector. They know how to operate in an environment where policy, legislation and budgetary issues can make delivery of cost-effective services quite demanding.

Backed by partner-led teams Middel & Partners provides the following services that are focused on growth and business improvement:

When facing important strategic decisions, it helps to have the advice and assistance of someone with proven expertise, experience and an external business perspective. Middel & Partners’ advisory team sources and analyses critical management information to help companies with strategic decision-making, and includes management consulting, strategic negotiations, market analysis and financial modelling. ‘Our advisory services are geared towards serving the large, listed companies on the JSE and other exchanges,’ says Middel.

Stringent regulatory requirements on audits add increasing pressure on management. Understanding these requirements helps smooth out the auditing process. The firm provides quality audit services (internal, external and forensic) to smaller-cap entities listed on the JSE who need to adhere to statutory or regulatory requirements.

Other services
With its thorough understanding of the unique challenges and technical requirements of these sectors, Middel & Partners has developed a range of specialist services and expertise to help business and individuals with tax, accounting, BBBEE verification and management. The company also has an expert insurance division.

Middel & Partners has nowhere to go but forward. ‘We are looking to extend our current national footprint from seven to 10 offices in the near future. We render advisory services in Mozambique, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, Angola, Namibia and Zimbabwe. Extending our footprint into the rest of Africa will be the next natural step for us.’