The listing of mass grocery retailer Choppies on the JSE is a natural step for the company, which has embarked on an ambitious and ever-expanding African footprint

Choppies Enterprises Limited listed on the JSE Main Board on 28 May 2015. The listing supports our enterprise so that we can do what we do best – offer quality goods and services to our customers at the best price.


We are a Botswana-based mass grocery retailer that currently operates in 125 retail outlets in Southern Africa, comprising 35 stores in SA, 72 in Botswana and 18 in Zimbabwe.

Growth is in our DNA, and we will continue to expand our footprint across the region. We plan to move into Kenya and Zambia, and ultimately roll out 200 stores in five countries by the end of 2016.

The Choppies growth path is built on a keen understanding of the market and an exceptional logistical chain. It primarily targets lower- to middle-income consumers. In Botswana, we have become a household name thanks to our quality offer that caters to the needs of our customers. Our products include international food brands and Choppies’ own private-label products.

There is a strong focus on service offerings that include fresh fruit and vegetables, butchery, bakery and take-away. We also aim to offer convenience as our stores stay open for longer.

Choppies has invested in more than 44 000 m2 of combined distribution centres and logistical infrastructure that will deliver superior benefits as the company expands across the region.

The current infrastructure is able to support in excess of 100 stores in Botswana, up to 100 in SA and 50 in Zimbabwe. This includes in-house transport logistics and maintenance capabilities.

The company employs over 11 000 staff across all of its operations, and is the second-largest employer in Botswana.

The Southern African retail sector is extremely competitive and this enforces a high degree of discipline on each operator. We have long-held the principle that ‘retail is detail’.

Choppies is detail-orientated in the way we ensure the quality of our goods and respond to the needs of our customers.

Thanks to this focus, we have been able to grow our footprint quickly. And because of our attention to detail, we intend to capture a large market share across several countries.

The process of listing on the JSE was a remarkable opportunity to meet with a wide variety of stakeholders. It was a positive experience and placed us in a good position to build relationships with the broader business community in SA.

In our interactions, our team was struck by the optimism around the African growth story and their support of Choppies’ expansion strategy.

This is an incredibly exciting time for our company. The listing on the JSE gives us further impetus for our ambitious growth plans.

Choppies offers a compelling investment case, thanks largely to its growth trajectory and cashrich operation.

Our proven business model, knowledge of the market and dynamic economic fundamentals clearly show Choppies is ideally placed to grow its market share across Africa as shoppers turn to branded convenience in ever-growing numbers.


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