In the mood

Who says wrapping up against the cold can’t be stylish?

In the mood

1. Willowtree business bag R3 299, Duesouth Escape
2. Zhi Zulu Matriarch silk scarf from R2 800, Wanderland Collective
3. Mask ‘1’ R600, Maxhosa Africa
4. Document bag R2 980, Ted Baker

1. Jekyll & Hide folio R2 499, Duesouth Escapes
2. Linen mask R175, Evolution Product
3. Oceanum Moss silk scarf from R2 800, Wanderland Collective
4. Leather gloves R1 500, Ted Baker
5. Leather briefcase R27 150, Cape Cobra Leathercraft

1. Leather wristlet pouch R4 280, Cape Cobra Leathercraft
2. Linen mask R175, Evolution Product
3. Billfold wallet R1 800, Cape Cobra Leathercraft
4. Leather duffel bag R58 155, Cape Cobra Leathercraft
5. Leather gloves R1 580, Ted Baker
6. Scarf R980, Ted Baker

Styling: Larissa Vermeulen
Images: Gareth van Nelson/Highbury Media, assisted by Chanelle Manuel