Watch yourself

Stylish accessories that mean business

Watch yourself

1. Notebook, R355, Campo Marzio; Chopard Rollerball pen, R6 237, Chopard; Graphite sketch pencil & lead set, R755, Campo Marzio
2. Chopard watch, R294 150, Chopard
3. HermÈs watch, R45 585, Boutique Haute Horlogerie
4. Zenith watch, R118 000, Boutique Haute Horlogerie

1. Zenith watch, R110 000, Boutique Haute Horlogerie
2. Graphite sketch pencil & lead set,  R755, Campo Marzio; Tag Heuer Aquaracer watch, R30 995, Tag Heuer
3. Tag Heuer Carrera watch, R26 500, Tag Heuer
4. Notebook, R225, Campo Marzio; Fountain pen, R1 255, Campo Marzio

1. Chopard rollerball pen, R6 817.50, Chopard
2. Dior watch, R145 600, Boutique Haute Horlogerie; Chopard watch, R117 000, Chopard
3. Dior watch, R353 600, Boutique Haute Horlogerie
4. Graphite sketch pencil & lead set, R750, Campo Marzio; Leather clipboard, R955, Campo Marzio

Images: Andreas Eiselen/HMimages
Stylist’s assistant: Rojaun Devos
Prices and product availability are subject to change without notice