Primed for success

Crimson Education facilitates the application by SA students to study at universities abroad, helping them vastly expand their horizons

A university education at a top international institution with leading research groups, lecturers and students from around the world is a powerful starting point for future change-makers. Crimson Education, a global mentoring company, specialises in building the candidacy of students for acceptance into universities in the US and UK. The company’s driving motivation is to support students from around the world to dream big about their education and future careers.

‘For young South Africans wanting to make it big on a global scale, attending a university in the US or UK can ensure success in a much shorter time. From access to prestigious internship opportunities, world-class facilities and powerful alumni networks, top universities put graduates in good standing to achieve their career goals,’ says Rebecca Pretorius, SA country manager for Crimson Education. ‘In an increasingly globalised society, an overseas education is invaluable.’

Studying at a globally ranked university has serious sway over employability and earning power. For example, the average salary for Harvard graduates starts at R70 000 per month. In the UK, graduates from a Russell Group university earn an average starting salary 9.4% higher than other UK universities.

Crimson Education guides students in choosing overseas universities that are the best fit for them

Alumni networks are another added advantage. ‘Whether direct friendships, associations with a common alma mater or recommendations from a tutor or professor, a connection from a top university gives students a much better chance of getting noticed when applying for a job at one of the world’s top companies,’ says Pretorius. Students with overseas qualifications also show favourable skills to future employers, such as cultural awareness, maturity, flexibility and independence. ‘Employers look for graduates with well-rounded knowledge that spans a multitude of disciplines; top-ranked international universities offer exactly that.’

While application forms for most international universities are easily available online, the application process itself can be complex. This is where Crimson Education steps in, by helping students and families choose institutions and individual courses that meet their personal and professional requirements. ‘Picking universities to apply to is an extremely personal process, but we help with that too,’ says Pretorius. ‘For Crimson Education, top universities do not refer only to the top 10 or 20 universities as listed by a ranking agency. Best-fit is just as important, if not more so. When choosing a university, we encourage students to consider what they like, where they want to be, and which school and programme or degree will help them get there – it’s not always going to be Ivy League.’

With steep competition from every corner of the globe, students have a lot to demonstrate. ‘Overseas universities, particularly in the United States, look for well-rounded candidates with academic competency and an ability to make an impact outside of the classroom,’ says Pretorius.

This is why admission mentoring with Crimson covers all aspects of the candidacy-building and application, including school academics, standardised and admissions tests, personal statement and essay writing, extracurricular activities and leadership. Through a team-mentorship model, students connect with Crimson admission strategists, tutors and mentors to assist them with the application process for universities in the UK and the US predominantly.

Each student’s strategy team is made up of alumni from top universities and colleges such as Harvard, Stanford and Oxford. Mentors and tutors at top institutions provide advice, guidance and practical support for students to start their own small business or social-impact project in senior high-school years.

Studying abroad provides access to world-class facilities, alumni networks and internship opportunities

‘The key to success is preparation and planning. Students and parents often underestimate how long it takes, what’s involved and how competitive it is to successfully apply to an international university,’ says Pretorius.

‘Universities abroad are very competitive – many years of academic and extracurricular preparation go into a strong application. When successful, however, the educational and funding opportunities open to enrolled students are significant.’ According to Pretorius, international students, once on campus, are set up for success. ‘The university culture is conducive to socialising and networking. Students typically live on campus for at least their first year and meet peers from around the world, join a range of extracurricular activities and sports, and take thought-provoking classes. The missing link for many South Africans is the support and know-how to get them there – that’s why we’re here.’

Through a global network of strategists and a pool of more than 2 000 tutors and mentors, Crimson offers families a personalised experience and support for all aspects of their application. ‘We work with students to help them achieve their dream of attending universities abroad, providing hands-on support across academics, extracurricular activities and university admissions,’ says Pretorius.

With a head office in Johannesburg and satellite office in Cape Town, Crimson offers regular information evenings and workshops around the country for parents and learners interested in studying overseas.

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