DRA delivers engineering design and project management excellence while always ensuring that safety is top of mind

DRA offers a full range of engineering and project services. It tailors its services to meet the needs of clients, offering both total engineering solutions and customised project solutions.

From one humble office in SA in 1984, DRA has grown to new heights with offices in 15 countries worldwide and, with a proud track record of more than 500 projects spanning 26 countries, it now employs in excess of 3 000 people globally.

Engineering companies generally have skills that are too similar to differentiate, but DRA sets itself apart in terms of its people and applying the ‘DRA way’ to all of its projects.

DRA looks for people with a persistent, can-do attitude that is in line with the company’s approach to this business, so that it can engineer a solution that satisfies both itself and the client. The firm has specialist capabilities in the design of mineral processing plants for a range of commodities and is recognised for its expertise in comminution, flotation, gravity concentration and hydrometallurgy.

All of DRA’s mineral processing plants, surrounding infrastructure and materials handling functions operate according to world-class quality standards, systems and procedures (ISO-based), as well as the highest safety standards.


DRA Infrastructure has provided consulting civil engineering and structural design work for a wide range of sectors including mining, the commercial industry and government, for more than 20 years.

DRA’s vision has been to deliver a complete service to clients anywhere in the world, building on its reputation for quality and safety, and the ability to deliver on time and under budget. It is able to complete infrastructure, structural and civil engineering designs, as well as manage related projects through the procurement and implementation phases, and has developed a reputation for consistently delivering successful projects. Its track record includes the development of large-scale surface infrastructure to support mining operations and concentrator plants, as well as government projects. It also delivers stand-alone infrastructure such as bridges, roads, dams, schools and hospitals, and more complex projects such as township development, complete ports and airports, railway lines and hydropower plants.

DRA subsidiary company Minopex specialises in the operation and maintenance of mineral processing plants on a contract basis. It employs in excess of 1 500 people globally and is a recognised leader in the provision of outsourced operations and maintenance services. It de-risks operations and improves efficiencies by reducing upfront capital costs for equipment facilities and personnel, lowering operating costs, guaranteeing production and improving productivity.

At DRA, safety is not merely a programme that is implemented – it is part of the company’s DNA. It starts with actively caring for people. This changes behaviour – people feel responsible for each other and safe working practices flourish. DRA’s people-based safety approach goes beyond behaviour-based safety. Focusing on attitudes that promote safe behaviour empowers employees and transforms how they think about the way they work.

People-based safety enhances regulatory compliance with empowerment, ownership and trust, creating a total safety culture. It is ideal for projects of any size. Through daily observation, DRA is able to predict where incidents are likely to occur and take steps to prevent them.


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