From the CEO

As we continue to entrench our position as a centre of innovation for financial markets in Africa, we remain committed to harnessing the power of cutting-edge technologies

From the CEO

As we step into the execution phase of 2024, I find myself inspired by the words and work of Ghanaian web pioneer, Nii Narku Quaynor, who is often hailed as the ‘father of the internet in Africa’. After dedicating more than two decades of his life to establishing and expanding some of the continent’s first-ever online pathways, Quaynor’s insights on technology remain profoundly relevant. I recently read his keynote address at a summit in Nigeria, where he said that ‘technology is a natural source of innovation’.

This statement resonates with our vision at the JSE because, at the heart of our efforts to evolve and excel, technology stands as the keystone for fostering innovation, driving efficiency and unlocking new opportunities for growth and collaboration.

As we continue to entrench our position as a centre of innovation for financial markets in Africa, we remain committed to harnessing the power of cutting-edge technologies and innovative practices to shape a future where we lead with agility a nd foresight; one where our clients’ experiences are enriched through unparalleled market access, enhanced trading tools and a wide array of investment opportunities.

Working towards this ambitious goal, we’ve strategically invested in several key technologies and collaborations, each of which will play a critical role in helping us create an enabling environment for market participants.

We recently unveiled a landmark collaboration with Amazon Web Services to modernise our technology infrastructure by leveraging cloud proximity infrastructure, AI, machine learning and blockchain technologies to deliver innovative market solutions, drive operational efficiencies and seamless connectivity, and harness real-time market data in the cloud.

A key focus will be the transformation of our Broker Dealer Accounting system – a critical application used to manage risk and ensure the seamless functioning of equity markets.

Parallel to this, we brought to market Colo 2.0 – which is a private cloud-based colocation service that significantly increases the speed of trading execution and reduces costs for clients; as well as Trade Explorer, a sophisticated analytics tool for analysing trading patterns and for pre-trade decision support.

Smart technology is an enabler for our business, and we have remained committed to our strategy of ensuring our technology is fit for purpose and relevant for our market. Investors are continually seeking novel and diverse investment avenues, and we must respond to this demand to ensure our success.

With each of these milestones, we are setting new benchmarks for excellence and making the JSE a centre of innovation among other bourses. As we continue on our growth path, we persist in identifying and unlocking opportunities and solutions that will aid the growth of SA’s capital markets while providing an excellent experience for market participants.

Here’s to a year of meaningful collaboration, strategic breakthroughs and significant achievements that will propel us forward, together.

Dr Leila Fourie
Group Chief Executive Officer