MiX Telematics delivers innovative solutions to meet agile fleet requirements

The global economy will continue to be under pressure for several years to come due to the severe impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In a time when volatility is the new norm, the ability to adapt quickly has become crucial for business survival.

Solutions enabling fleet businesses to manage their assets within strict parameters, while reducing operational expenditure and improving productivity, are vitally important to ensure agile fleets that can adapt to unforeseen circumstances.

The use of advanced digital technology will help businesses achieve optimum customer-service levels, timely delivery and improved customer communication, and this is where MiX Telematics steps in.

Founded in 1996, in SA, MiX Telematics is a leading global provider of fleet and mobile asset-management solutions delivered as software-as-a-service to more than three-quarters of a million global subscribers spanning more than 120 countries. MiX Telematics listed as a public company in SA in November 2007, but has a strong international heritage that dates back to 1985. MiX Telematics shares have been publicly traded on the JSE (JSE: MIX), since 2007, and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: MIXT) since 2013. MiX has offices in SA, Uganda, the UK, US, Brazil, Mexico, Australia and the UAE, in addition to a network of more than 130 fleet partners worldwide.

Over the years the company has established a strong reputation for providing innovative fleet management technology and services for the consumer and commercial vehicle markets, serving a wide range of industries. These include transport and distribution, FMCG, oil and gas, mining, construction, emergency services, government, public transport, rental and leasing, security and utilities.

MiX’s commercial fleet solutions are built on the basis of in-vehicle hardware, on-demand software services, as well as value-added services, accessories and applications that enhance overall vehicle performance. In SA, the consumer offering comprises stolen-vehicle recovery as well as tracking products and services sold under the Matrix and Beame brands.

‘The excellence of MiX Telematics’ products and services have been proven time and again by the numerous awards and commendations awarded to us over the years,’ according to Gert Pretorius, executive VP and MD of MiX Telematics Africa. ‘Our range of advanced fleet management solutions increases operational efficiency, ultimately allowing fleet operators to have greater control and visibility over their fleets at any given time.’

There are many ways in which telematics can assist fleets to maximise efficiency, but vitally important is partnering with a reputable and reliable service provider.

‘MiX Telematics’ mission is to make the world safer with the help of our technology and to keep the world moving forward with our connected solutions. Our technology impacts the safety of thousands of drivers and allows fleet operators to manage their vehicles and drivers remotely,’ says Pretorius.

MiX continuously invests in R&D and has introduced a number of innovations, such as the MiX Vision AI-powered dashcams and the MyMiX Tracking app-based solution. The new MiX Vision AI-powered video telematics solution is helping customers around the world improve driver safety and reduce operating costs. MiX Vision AI leverages machine-vision technology to detect and alert drivers and fleet managers of unsafe or risky driving behaviour that impacts road safety. Driver-monitoring events include fatigue, phone use, distraction, smoking and seat-belt use.

Advanced driver-assistance system events include forward-collision and lane-departure warnings. In addition, in-cab, audible alerts warn drivers in real-time so that immediate corrective action can be taken. The video footage and telemetry data are accessible via the MiX Fleet Manager online software and mobile app. This is used as a coaching tool to continuously upskill drivers and improve driving behaviour.

The MyMiX Tracking app-based solution is an extension of MyMiX, a comprehensive driver-engagement platform. The app allows businesses to track and monitor driver behaviour in real-time without the need to install telematics hardware. In addition, the app records, measures and aids self-correction of risky driving behaviour events, including speeding, harsh braking, harsh acceleration and mobile phone use while driving, via audible alerts.

MiX Telematics’ integrated solutions approach combines traditional vehicle tracking with additional enablers and services to deliver actionable intelligence that solve complex vehicle and driver-related problems.

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