Driving Progress

Through excellence in its dedicated divisions, MOOV Fuel has become a major market player

MOOV Fuel is a company fully committed to supplying and delivering the highest-quality fuel and Caltex lubricant products to commerce in Southern Africa. It strives to maintain its reputation as a reliable supplier to its diverse and ever-growing customer base, while tending to the needs of each as an individual. It utilises the latest technology, supplies high-quality goods and adheres to all industry health, safety and environmental standards.

MOOV’s key values are ‘safety first’ in every decision it makes and action it takes; creating trust by taking ownership and getting things done; and solving problems with smart solutions. The company is committed to remaining loyal to its customers and suppliers, and endeavours to grow with them on every level. It aims to actively lead the way in improving and empowering previously disadvantaged people, and to meet Africa’s energy needs through providing a safe and reliable service. It does so by valuing partnerships, accepting social responsibility, creating sustainable solutions and focusing on growth and scalability.

Founded in 1956, the company has traded with great success in the fuel and lubricant market for nearly six decades. MOOV was established on the inheritance of knowledge and the legacy of service excellence. With the experience of three generations working in the fuel and lubricant market, MOOV has an in-depth understanding of the demands presented by the industry. MOOV has an extensive network and first-hand experience that allows it to perceive, meet and support the needs of its customers. The firm’s competitive advantage is that it is a modern, energy-driven company with its heart and soul grounded in heritage and tradition. MOOV Fuel has five market divisions, namely commercial, retail, logistics, properties and convenience.

MOOV supplies and delivers the highest-quality lubricants

MOOV Commercial was established in 1956, in Bredasdorp. It currently has eight depots strategically located around SA where it is able to distribute fuel and lubricants to it customers. Strategically located storage facilities are based throughout SA. Storage capabilities ensure a constant supply of product to customers.

Each of the commercial depots has a highly trained team of specialists to assist customers with any product-related query, and to provide solutions across all industries.

MOOV sources and supplies Caltex lubricant to meet the needs arising across all industries. It is committed to supplying and delivering the highest-quality Caltex lubricants to end-users in the agricultural, construction, forestry, industry, marine, mining, retail and transport sectors.

Solutions and expertise
The MOOV Fuel Management System is a complete and integrated solution that combines all the elements of the dispensing process. It incorporates various modules (such as an automatic tank level display, automatic alarms and more) to provide real-time information on fuel consumption that is accurate and reliable. In addition, continuous in-house training ensures that experts are equipped to provide technical support. Services include oil-condition monitoring, predictive maintenance and technical training of customer-facing staff.

Lubricants delivery
The sales team has vast technical and consultative experience and industry know-how in the lubricants field. Full technical support is offered to the lubricants delivery fleet to maximise customer value and returns. For added customer satisfaction, they surpass the industry standard in delivery turn-around time for lubricant orders.

MOOV uses the latest technology and adheres to all industry standards

MOOV Retail provides a fuel distribution network for Caltex retail outlets in the Western Cape, with a geographical footprint that stretches from Springbok to Plettenberg Bay. The division was established in July 2009, when it was chosen as the Caltex-branded marketer in the province. Its responsibilities include supplying lubricants, training staff, marketing and maintaining the Caltex fuel retail outlets. It is constantly growing as new-to-industry and new-to-company sites continue to join the network. MOOV Retail has a proud, direct-line approach to solving challenges and develops personal relationships with dealers, who are further supported by a 24/7 call centre. Storage capabilities at its eight depots across SA ensure a constant supply of product to customers.

MOOV Logistics is home to a modern fleet of fuel tankers and specialised delivery trucks. The fleet provides primary distribution services to the retail network and commercial depot structure, as well as secondary distribution to commercial consumers. The fleet also provides third-party supply-chain solutions to industry. The current MOOV Logistics fleet, comprising state-of-the-art trucks and tankers, has an average delivery capacity of 40 000 litres. MOOV endeavours to surpass the industry service standard in terms of delivery turnaround time.

MOOV Logistics aims to satisfy its clients’ needs safely, efficiently and effectively. The division has highly skilled and motivated drivers who undergo constant training and monitoring. In addition, all the trucks are fitted with live tracking.

MOOV Properties is the business entity responsible for the management and acquisition of immovable assets. It provides business opportunities and commercial space in the retail and commercial network across the Western Cape.

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