The award-winning Durban International Convention Centre offers word-class facilities

After operating successfully for 18 years, the Durban International Convention Centre (Durban ICC) is clearly delivering on the hopes and dreams that so many held for it from its inception.

As SA’s first international convention centre, the Durban ICC has led the way for the country’s conventions industry and is a pioneer in attracting international events to its shores.

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The Durban ICC has established itself as a world-class convention centre, and has been honoured with several international awards. The venue has been voted Africa’s Leading Meeting and Conference Centre at the World Travel Awards no less than 13 times over the last 14 years. In the last year, the centre has also received several other accolades, including Africa’s Best Meetings and Conference Centre at the Business Destinations Travel Awards, and it was rated as one of the world’s top 15 convention centres at the AIPC Apex Awards.

In the past, the venue has successfully hosted some of the world’s largest and most prestigious events, and has been a platform for many discussions on global issues. Notable examples include COP 17 and the 5th BRICS Summit in 2013.

The centre has built a reputation as a world-class convention facility and is set to host a number of international events in the upcoming months and years. These include the 14th World Forestry Congress and the world’s largest aviation conference, the World Routes Development Forum in 2015.

The Durban ICC is also the host venue for the 21st International Aids Conference in July 2016, which is expected to bring together some 18 000 participants from around the world.

The convention centre’s board recently appointed Lindiwe Rakharebe as CEO from 1 April 2015. She has a strong background in corporate management and has worked in a managerial capacity for all four of SA’s major banking institutions. Her areas of expertise include strategic planning, research, marketing, community liaison, policy development and basic principles of good corporate governance. Rakharebe joins the Durban ICC at a time when

the convention centre is moving from strength to strength. The venue posted profitable financial results for the fourth consecutive year and received a clean, unqualified audit from the Auditor General in the last fiscal year.

Rakharebe has a bachelor’s degree in management leadership from the University of the Free State, as well as other qualifications in marketing management and management development. She is highly qualified and brings more than 30 years of experience in the corporate environment.

Chairperson of the Durban ICC Board, Mato Madlala says: ‘The board is extremely pleased to have secured Rakharebe as chief executive officer of the Durban ICC.

‘Whilst her professional experience prior to this has mainly been in the corporate financial sector, she is an exceptional executive who has repeatedly demonstrated her ability in strategic management and leading high-performance teams.

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‘She is well known for her passion and dedication in growing the KwaZulu-Natal economy, so it is fitting that she takes the reins at the Durban ICC, considering the immense economic impact that the company has on the provincial and national economies.

‘We are confident that under her leadership the company will continue to grow from strength to strength as Africa’s leading convention centre,’ says Madlala.

Rakharebe was formally Absa’s regional executive for KwaZulu-Natal. Commenting on her appointment, Rakharebe says: ‘It is a great honour and privilege to take on this new role. I am thrilled to serve my city and my province, and showcase ourselves to the world with great pride … that we have in our possession a world-class destination.’

‘My experience in the finance sector has groomed me to work well in a structured environment, which will ultimately result in clean audits and a strong sense of order.

‘This shift also gives me the opportunity to hone in on my creativity. Service excellence is crucial in this business and I believe that if you have love for people, then so much more can be achieved.’

Considering its economic impact, financial performance and contribution in the area of skills development, it is clear why the Durban ICC is recognised as an industry leader. With the addition of a dynamic business captain at the helm, the venue is set to reach new heights as Africa’s predominant convention centre.

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