If you’re ready for a life-changing career experience as a CA(SA), then SAICA’s Top 35 Under 35 competition is your chance

Winning the CA Top 35 Under 35 competition will open up amazing avenues of opportunity that every young CA(SA) dreams of. Not only will you be featured on the cover of Accountancy SA but – like 2014’s Top 35 Under 35 winner Gavin Lucas – you will receive great media exposure that will add value to your company or career.


If you believe you are one of SA’s future business leaders, then don’t hesitate to enter this incredible competition for young CAs(SA). Or perhaps you know of a dynamic young business man or woman who you feel deserves this prestigious title… Go ahead, nominate them.

We are looking for passionate leaders with the ability, personal determination and drive, and who are making a meaningful difference by giving back to the community and the less fortunate.

Qualities we will especially be noting are demonstrable leadership skills, recent career highlights, innovation, integrity, CSI projects and hobbies they are involved in.

Along with receiving the coveted title of Top CA(SA) Under 35 for 2015, there are also other amazing prizes to be won.

If you believe you have what it takes, visit for more information and entry forms. This competition closes on 1 June 2015.

Be inspired
Meet Shiluba Mawela CA(SA), Corporate Finance Officer of the JSE and the runner-up in last year’s CA Top 35 Under 35 competition.


While in high school, Mawela tutored maths and accounting. Growing up, she wanted to be many things, from a photographer to a paediatric surgeon, but her heart’s desire has always been to serve.

As well as being the founder and co-director of Lesedi Entrepreneurial Hub, a social development enterprise that provides support, advice and mentorship to start-ups, she is also the co-director and treasurer of Transitions Foundation, an NPO that helps young people realise their dreams through education.

In 2012, she was selected as a WEF Global Shaper. In November 2013, she was recognised by Destiny magazine as a Top 40 Outstanding Young Leader, Innovator and Job Creator for her work in social activism.

‘Accounting came organically. It made sense, I did well and found comfort and harmony in the system of balance. When things didn’t balance, you knew immediately that something was wrong. I loved the feedback.’

Following the completion of a three-year article programme at EY’s Johannesburg office, she was seconded to New York where she worked in their banking and capital markets division.

‘During articles I was the project co-ordinator of Project Endeavour, an Ernst & Young Inc social responsibility initiative that provides entrepreneurs in emerging markets who have been identified through Endeavour with strategic advice, access to key networks and other tools to enable them to reach their highest potential,’ she says.

‘I have learnt a tremendous amount from failing to achieve my goals. Failure is feedback that forces you to evaluate thoroughly what you are doing. I believe failure has strengthened my character, sharpened my focus, and instilled a sense of perseverance. As a result, I have become hardworking and meticulous in the performance of my work, wholehearted in my engagements, and have single-minded focus and discipline when performing tasks assigned to me.’

She has had many mentors through her life: ‘Some requested, some nominated, some unintended and others purely accidental. Mentors have been a powerful source of inspiration and motivation, as well as asking the really tough questions. I seek people who are able to connect, engage and are passionate about their work. My mother and brother have also been exceptional in this regard.’

Mawela loves spending time with her friends and family. She is also an avid reader, a sporadic writer, and even occasionally finds herself blogging at to celebrate the vibrancy of the continent.

‘Further, I love to reflect, laugh, pray and smile.’

 In her own words…
‘The African continent remains plagued by development challenges. The World Bank estimates that of the one billion people currently living in Africa, the majority survive on less than one US dollar a day. These realities are often bleak, but I am optimistic about the progress that can be made when time and talent are invested in the continent’s development.

‘Giving back is more than just the act of giving. It involves taking a stance and getting involved. This requires that we direct our efforts collectively to better the lives of people of our generation and those of future generations. It is important that those who have been fortunate enough to have had opportunities and privileges get involved in creating solutions that can change the narrative of the continent. Ploughing back is simply service to the continent.

‘It’s easy to underestimate the tangible impact that can be made. A child, a family or a community can be transformed by the simple acts of people who choose to get involved.

‘In the three years I’ve have been involved with the Transitions Foundation, I have seen how some who were initially unable to stand in front of an audience and say their names, now have the courage to take the lead in conversations. Others, who didn’t think beyond the weekend’s skateboarding with friends, are now being interviewed for scholarships to study chemical engineering.

‘When one receives a grateful email from a learner or their parents, or feedback from a school, one realises how small acts of service can transform lives, communities and possibly also – in time – our nation.

‘Having grown up in Soshanguve, a township near Pretoria, I have experienced personally how education and other investments have given me access to unimaginable opportunities, changing the trajectory of my life.

‘I believe that, as professionals, we have unique skills and expertise that can be used to change society. Our knowledge and understanding of business can be a key driver for social progress. Our small efforts can unlock a world of opportunity on the continent.

‘If not now, then when? If not us, then who?



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